Cisco asa ssl vpn license

cisco asa ssl vpn license

cisco asa ssl vpn license

Cisco ASA Series VPN CLI Configuration Guide 19 Clientless SSL VPN Licensing Licensing Note This feature is not available on No Payload Encryption models. Model License Requirement ASA 5506-X AnyConnect Premium license: • Base license: 2 sessions. • Security Plus license: 4 sessions. Optional SSL VPN license: 10 sessions. Shared licenses are not supported. ASA 5512-X AnyConnect Premium license:


Remote access VPN on the ASA can be SSL VPN (uses SSL/TLS for transport) or IPsec-based. IPsec-based can use the (very old now-discontinued, not supported on modern OS) Cisco VPN client with IKEv1 IPsec. That is not suitable for any new implementations. OR it can use IPsec IKEv2 with AnyConnect client.

 · Configure the primary licensing server through Cisco Adaptive Security Device Manager (ASDM) by navigating to Configuration > Device Management > Licensing > Shared SSL VPN Licenses. Figure 3-1 shows what the configuration panel looks like if the device has the appropriate license to act as the primary licensing server.

 · SSL VPN Licenses. SSL VPN debuted on the ASA when it was first released but has evolved more than any other licensed based feature on the ASA. SSL licenses break into two general types: Essentials and Premium. Essentials provides AnyConnect client based connections from personal computers including Windows and Mac systems. Installing an Essentials license allows for up to the maximum number of VPN sessions on the platform to be concurrently used for SSL.

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