Number of piano tuners in chicago

number of piano tuners in chicago

number of piano tuners in chicago

 · And then, dividing gives (125,000 piano tunings per year in Chicago) / (1000 piano tunings per year per piano tuner) = 125 piano tuners in Chicago. Apart from piano tuners, this kind of reasoning could help us to answer scientific questions too.

Scientists often look for Fermi estimates of the answer to a problem before turning to more sophisticated methods to calculate a precise answer. This provides a useful check on the results. While the estimate is almost certainly incorrect, it is also a simple calculation that allows for easy error checking, and to find faulty assumptions if the figure produced is far beyond what we might reasonably expect. By contrast, precise calculations can be extremely complex but with the expectation that the answer they produce i…

 · In 2009, someone had seen 44 RPTs in the Chicago chapter and 14 in the North Shore chapter, for a total of 58. Counting RPTs probably gives you a lower bound, since to be an RPT one must pass a series of exams and pay non-trivial annual dues. But the actual number of piano tuners is most likely higher, for a couple of reasons:

 · Case Interview Questions #00062: How many piano tuners (piano technicians who make their living by making minute adjustments to the tensions of the strings of a piano to properly align the intervals between their tones so that the instrument is in tune) are there in the city of Chicago? Possible Answers: This is a market sizing case.

Answer quickly: how many piano tuners are there in the city of Chicago? Robbie Gonzalez. 9/12/12 4:24PM. 29. Save. ... how many pianos a piano tuner can tune in one day, or how many days a year ...

 · Chicago Piano Service. Chicago Piano Service in Westmont is a company “In Tune With Piano Care,” offering tuning, repair, and restoration by “highly skilled” specialists since 1980. The company also provides piano insurance and casualty loss to cover instruments against damage during moving, natural disasters, water, and vandalism.

Fermi's Piano Tuner Problem . As a lecturer, Enrico Fermi used to challenge his classes with problems that, at first glance, seemed impossible. One such problem was that of estimating the number of piano tuners in Chicago given only the population of the city.

(125,000 piano tuning per year in Chicago) / (1000 piano tunings per year per piano tuner) = 125 piano tuners in Chicago. A famous example of a Fermi-problem-like estimate is the Drake equation, which seeks to estimate the number of intelligent civilizations in the galaxy.

Well, so far all of the answers presented here, while well thought out, are also flawed and therefore likely way off. Firstly, a little background. This kind of problem is called a Fermi problem and this particular question is a traditional exampl...

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